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About Kundan Sets

In the United States, big jewelry has made a comeback, but in India, it has always been a custom. Kundan sets are from the country of India and come complete with necklace, earrings, and tikka (forehead jewelry). This style is large and intriguing. The choices of styling are nearly endless: gold or silver, with precious and semi-precious stones strung in multiple levels and layers. The bridal Kundan set is the most intricate of these collections. The brightly colored jewels are magnificent and vary size. Another style is the Kundan pearls sets. They are different in that they have gorgeous white pearls instead of stones and this makes the gold settings behind the pearls a wonderful collaboration of the two. Kundan sets are available from reliable sellers on eBay who offer convenient shipping options on this beautiful jewelry. Whether you want to buy it for a specific outfit or are looking for a special set for your coming wedding, this jewelry will not disappoint you. And you do not have to be from India to enjoy wearing their ethnic pieces.