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About KTM RC8

Every time you jump on the KTM RC8 and open its throttle wide, you will wonder how something so wickedly fast and cool qualified as street-legal. When this superbike first came out in 2008, the RC8 used an 1148 cc V-twin engine, but KTM raised the engine displacement to 1195 cc for the track-ready RC8 R. This engine is a two-cylinder, four-stroke, spark-ignition, liquid-cooled, V-twin block matched to a six-speed, claw-shifted transmission. You can choose to keep the RC8 naked with only a little fairing or get the full OEM KTM RC8 fairing in its signature orange color and snazzy graphics. Besides carrying a powerful V2 engine that generates 173 horsepower wickedly fast, the RC8 is an eye-catching piece of engineering art. Its aggressive stance and sharp-edged fairings leave no doubt that it is a superbike, and the RC8 looks quick even while standing still. The placement of the KTM RC8 exhaust is unique and downright genius. Unlike most sports bike, the RC8 has its exhaust tucked underneath the engine block with the muffler beneath a foot peg. Experience a different kind of thrill when you choose a KTM RC8 from the large inventory of sports bikes on eBay.

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