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About KTM 690

Sometimes a smooth road gets boring and all the good fun is off the beaten path. These are the kinds of adventures most suited to the KTM 690. This 690 Enduro R is a dual sport bike that rides just as well on the street as it does on gravelly paths. Its 690 cc single-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled spark engine ignition generates 66 horsepower for its six-speed claw-shifted transmission. However, it is the ABS brakes, high-performance suspension, and tubular chrome molybdenum steel frame that give the KTM 690 its true off-road character. While the 690 Enduro R already bears KTM's signature orange and black color theme, you can customize the bike's frame and wheels with KTM 690 decals. If you want an Enduro that can race as well as it can rove off-road, you should get the 690 SMC R, the supermoto version. The 690 Supermoto shares the same engine, transmission, suspension, and frame as the Enduro bike, but it is a little lower and has a more comfortable fork. A number of trusted sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of KTM 690 Supermotos and Enduros, as well as parts and accessories.