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About KTM 50s

If your children love riding dirt bikes you will know that there is a quality that you need to possess in order to make it possible, which is an interest to tinker with them, repair them, and keep them going. Luckily, with KTM 50s this is both easy and enjoyable. These bikes feature good construction as you would expect from one of the most respected names in off-road motorcycling. The KTM 50 engine fitted to most models is a single cylinder, water-cooled, two-stroke engine. There is a vast inventory of KTM 50 parts, including engines, available on eBay. You can also buy the bike itself. Other parts include the brakes. These are hydraulic brakes, which are high-quality when compared to other children's dirt bikes. You can also get wheels, which are similar to the light, aluminum wheels fitted to bigger KTM 50 dirt bikes. The clutch is easy to adjust, even without tools, and it has automatic transmission. Finally, the suspension comes from WP Suspension and has a huge range of travel on both wheels.