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About Krinkles

One type of decoration that seems to get people talking during the holiday season tends to revolve around creative pieces like Krinkles. If you have seen Krinkles before, then you already know why people love them so much. Often preceded by the names Patience Brewster, Christmas Krinkles warm the heart with their whimsical designs that make the decorations take on a cute personality. Take the Krinkles reindeer for example. This is no ordinary reindeer. In fact, this magical creature is Dasher who sports pink and red high heels with white bows on top, a fashionable pink blanket across the back, a pink bonnet on the head, as well as candles atop each antler point. However, do not take someone else's word for it, see how adorable it is yourself when you buy it on eBay in a new or pre-loved condition, but quantities are sometimes limited so make sure not to wait too long before adding this to your holiday collection.