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About KPM

The dazzling dinner party that you just pulled off impressed your guests not because of the exquisite wine and the multi-course gourmet meal, but because you served the wine and food using KPM glasses and chinaware. Originally manufactured for European aristocrats, KPM porcelain has since gone mainstream in homes across Europe and North America. This fine china includes several unique patterns that depict the cultural influences of epic European royal dynasties. Even though the company’s chinaware comprises designs that predate the modern era, the construction of its plates, glasses, and vases includes high-grade materials that do not succumb to Father Time. You can expect to serve the best Chateaubriand on its plates for years, without having to worry about the plates chipping and scratching, while a KPM vase that features ornate art filling its body can sit prominently in the middle of your dinner table, replete with the freshest flowers. This vase can also fulfill the role of serving as a decorative piece of art that you place on a fireplace mantel or at the end of a mahogany coffee table. Although KPM chinaware can be difficult to find in stores, you can dazzle your guests by ordering KPM porcelain plates, glasses, and vases online by searching for reliable sellers on eBay, making your next dinner party a massive hit in the process.