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About Korg Musical Equipment

Korg synthesizers run the gamut from tiny analog-modeling synthesizers to full music production workstations designs to handle whatever you can musically imagine. On the tiny end of things is the Korg microkorg, featuring three full octaves to tinker with and a built-in vocoder. This small analog-modeling synthesizer features individual knobs to adjust attack, release, and resonance, allowing you to tweak your favorite sounds on the fly. If you are not sure whether you have adjusted the knobs enough to go back to the original sound, an indicator light illuminates when the original tone settings are active. The Korg Triton is a veritable powerhouse, offering 62-note polyphony and a built-in stereo sampler. The Studio and Extreme versions of this synthesizer line have even more computing power and memory. The Triton Studio has a built-in CD-R drive, while the Triton Extreme has a USB port for direct connection to a computer. No matter what Korg synthesizer you prefer, reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide variety of models both new and used.