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About Kolinsky Brushes

Working in the nail industry, you come across many different types of nail brushes. For top-of-the-line quality, nothing beats a kolinsky brush. A kolinsky nail brush is ideal for acrylics because they are extremely absorbent, so you do not have to continually re-wet them. These brushes are also adaptable and can create a very fine point for the creation of thin lines, or you can apply greater pressure to create wider lines. The kolinsky acrylic nail brush gives you more control over your nail art, and the brush is also extremely durable and long-lasting with proper care. To keep your kolinsky brush working well, air dry it while not in use, and store it upright. Keep the handles dry to prevent them from cracking. Make sure you are using the best products for your clients by keeping a stash of kolinsky nail brushes at the ready. You can find a large selection of brand new brushes available on eBay.