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About Kohler Command

If you're fortunate enough to own your own golf course, then you'll know how important it is to use landscape and maintenance equipment that is powered by a Kohler Command engine. For the lesser beings among us, the Kohler Command Pro is a durable, fuel-efficent and powerful engine designed to get the most out of your gardening equipment—regardless of whether you have a walk on mower or a ride on mower. In fact, the Kohler Command Pro is such a powerhouse that you can even use it for fun. Got a dune buggy or an off-track recreational vehicle? You can use the Kohler Command Pro engine to keep the ride going for as long as you can handle it. What's so special about the Kohler command engine? Without being overly technical or boring, Kohler engines are packed with features you want and need—from integrated oil coolers to extend oil-change intervals and maintain low temperatures, to efficient, heavy-duty air filters to protection against debris and ensure longer service intervals. Command the respect of your neighbors with a Kohler Command engine purchased from reliable sellers on eBay.

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