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About Kobe Auto

For the past 18 years, Kobe Bryant has been a key player for the L.A. Lakers. Because of this, Kobe?s autograph has appeared on a lot of memorabilia. During the course of his career, Kobe signed his autograph several different ways. Before he became an NBA star, he signed his entire name; however, on the Topps Stadium 1997-1998 co-signers release, Kobe signed his auto card with "Kobe 8." He continued to sign this way for several years until 2006, when he began signing his autograph with a 24 to reflect when he took the number 24. Fans can get Kobe?s autograph in anthology packs created by Panini. Each anthology pack contains five cards that honor Kobe and it was originally released in 2012-2013. Card collectors can catch these collector packs on eBay if you missed them when they were in circulation. Whether you listen to the media coverage of Kobe?s personal life, you have to admit he is an awesome player, a player worthy of recognition. Perhaps it is because of the personal issues combined with his talent is why his autograph is so highly desired.

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