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About Knuckle Rings

Those pretty knuckle rings adorning your fingers have a bad boy past. Back in the American Civil War and World Wars I and II, brass knuckles, also called knucklebusters, packed a deadly punch on the battlefield in hand combat. Some of the styles on eBay are single pieces designed for four fingers, just like in the old days. There are sterling silver, brass, and gold knuckle rings, which are often adorned with crystals and diamonds. Another popular design for knuckle rings is as a set of four or five individual pieces. The mix and match options are endless and can give a different look each time. You can wear one ring per finger or multiple rings stacked on one finger, deck up all your fingers, or go for an alternating pattern. If you want to gift this jewelry to a friend, but are not sure about the size, then opt for adjustable knuckle rings for fingers and even toes. Go show off those manicured nails with a little knuckle bling.