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About Knoll

Have you ever wanted your home to look museum worthy? Knoll furniture can help you to achieve this goal. Knoll is a company that offers classic, streamlined designs for each room of your home, including your office, your living room, and your dining room. The company began in the 1930s, and some of its pieces are so famous that they feature in design museums. One of its most legendary chairs, known as the Tulip chair, is a bucket-style chair that is beautiful in its simplicity and elegance. Knoll produces pieces that never go out of style, including beautiful and colorful Knoll sofas, ergonomic desk chairs, and tables so interesting and creative that you want to look at as much as sit on them. While this furniture is worth admiration, it is also sturdy and durable. The company makes textiles as well as furniture, so consider shopping eBay for draperies to complement your Knoll furniture. There, you can find fabulous pieces from reliable sellers that you will never tire of viewing, and the fact that they are functional makes them even more attractive.