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About Knobs

You mutter threats under your breath as the cabinet knob comes away in your hand for the tenth time and the contents of the cabinet spill out in a heap. Few things are more stressful than the small home repair jobs that never get done. Replacing a loose or broken dresser knob is one of those tasks because replacing it often means replacing the whole set of knobs so that the dresser does not look like a mix of miscellaneous pieces. Likewise, cabinet knobs often have to be changed out as a set unless you find the exact knob type on the other cabinet doors. Fortunately, knobs are inexpensive and easy to install. Changing the knobs is also a great way to change the style of your furniture without replacing it. Whether you need to fix a broken knob or you just want an easy way to change the look of your furniture, the sellers on eBay have a huge selection of knobs with convenient shipping options so you can finally cross one more task off your list.