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About Knit Ties

Knits are not just for sweaters and socks. Over the past few years, knitwear has made major waves in the fashion world, so accessories like knit ties are here to stay. This classic look lends a warm, homey touch to almost any outfit, from casual shirts to work suits. Pair chunkier knits in earthy colors with informal clothing to give your outfit a cozy vibe. Skinny knit ties with a finer weave lend your business suits a touch of individuality. For formal settings, go for dark, rich colors that suit the dressier environment, but feel free to play with stripes and other patterns. If you work wear leans towards the business casual dress code, then knit ties in solid colors look great with patterned and striped shirts. If you wear a single-breasted jacket or no jacket, opt for a narrower tie. If you want to sport a double-breasted jacket, you can go for a wider look. Whether you want a cool, casual tie for winter or an alternative look for the office, you can find a large inventory of cotton, silk, and wool knit ties on eBay.