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About Knight Hoodies

The clash of steel, the whinnying of war horses, and the snapping of banners in the wind herald the charge of mounted knights of the realm. A knight hoodie recreates in semi-stiffened cotton the signature lobstered look of the European knight in armor. In an armored knight hoodie, you are as close as it gets to actually clattering around in public in full steel plate. The original grey knight hoodie and its different colored variations are intricately sewn and fastened to resemble the complexity of real armor, and the various parts of the hoodie move so that you can close your visor and adjust your pauldrons and other components. This gives the hoodie a very realistic flair and heightens the impression that it is composed of interlocking armored parts rather than sewn and padded cloth elements made to resemble armor. You can find the knight hoodie in many colors and several variations on offer from qualified sellers on eBay that maintain inventories of specialty and novelty clothing with reasonable shipping options for consumers.

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