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About Knight Costumes

Riding across the moors and plains atop his gallant steed, the young gallant knight brandishes his sword and with skill and aplomb, ready to fight off any enemy for the sake of his lord. While the medieval ideal of a knight has become the stuff of legend and fairytale, you can still find a knight costume to wear. Prepare yourself to do battle with the right accessories: A medieval knight must have armor, and typically dons the coat of arms of his master. A sword and shield are a must, as is the knight's helmet. eBay sellers provide all the trappings and accessories for a knight costume, both new and used, and in sizes for boys, men, and even women. Once all the proper components have been acquired, the young adventurer is off to do the King's service at parties or while requisitioning sweet treats from the neighbors on All Hallows' Eve.

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