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About Knee Walkers

When the unthinkable happens and you wind up with an injured foot or ankle, the thought of hobbling around on crutches for weeks is scary. A knee walker is a safer, more comfortable alternative to crutches. Drive knee walkers allow you to stay mobile without putting weight on your foot or ankle and are ideal for getting around comfortably inside your home. They work like a scooter, the injured leg resting on the padded knee board while the other leg pushes off. When applied, the hand brake keeps the walker in a stationary position to prevent falls. Steerable knee walkers allow you to maneuver in tight spaces with ease. Most have an attached basket on the front for use when shopping or carrying items from room to room. The height of the knee board can be adjusted by unscrewing the retaining bolt and replacing it at the correct height, with no tools needed. The handle bars are adjustable as well. Placing the handle bars at a comfortable height reduces strain on the shoulders. You can find a vast selection of knee walkers on eBay.