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About Knee High Converse

When the high top just is not enough, you know what you must do. You need to step into a pair of knee high Converse sneakers. The amazing thing about these shoes is how feminine they can look. Even though they are basically the traditional Converse All Star, they are available in a huge range of colors, and the knee high shaft makes them look like a boot. These Converse knee high sneakers have a 15 1/2-inch shaft with 20 eyelets for shoelaces, but fortunately you do not have to worry about lacing them up by hand every time you want to wear them. The shoes have a zippered back, just like a pair of boots, and once you have them laced how you want them, you simply use the zipper to ease in and out of them. You can go for the athletic look with your Converse All Star knee high shoes, or choose a flirty and feminine look with a shorter skirt or cute shirts. No matter how you choose to wear your knee high Converse footwear, the vast selection on eBay guarantees that you can find the exact color and design that you are looking for.