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About KLR

When it comes to motorcycles, style is no substitute for substance. While the Kawasaki Ninja is arguably the most popular (and recognizable) sport bike, the Kawasaki KLR650 is the longest running. Kawasaki released the original KLR in 1987 and the bike continued mostly unchanged until 2008. The 2008 KLR redesign introduced more plastic body panels, which some enthusiasts felt were prone to breaking after prolonged use. The 2008 KLR model has a 651cc single engine, more powerful than the previous models. The bike works both on- and off-road, and is often used for long-distance road trips. If you have a Kawasaki in the garage that needs some love, sellers on eBay have your back. You can find KLR tires, engine components, and new body panels all online. You'll also find new or used bikes for sale. Strap on your helmet and get ready to enjoy the open road with one of the most enduring motorbikes to guide the way.