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About Thomas Kinkade

Many have called Thomas Kinkade the "Painter of Light." His artwork is famous for its ethereal glow and enchanting landscapes. Upon his death in 2012, the Washington Post reported that as many as one in every 20 American households contains a Thomas Kinkade painting. The wide variety of Thomas Kinkade pieces available among the vast inventory on eBay depicts gorgeous nature scenes, glowing coastal lighthouses, and peaceful, snowy woodland scenes. His Christmas collection includes magical paintings, intricate ornaments, playful snow globes, and rustic sculptures with images of snowmen, Santa Clause, evergreens, and angels. If you are a Disney fan, there is a wide variety of Thomas Kinkade products from which to choose that include images of lovable characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and the Disney princesses. Moreover, Thomas Kinkade's artwork is ideal for lighthouse lovers. The sea is a common theme among his paintings and other artwork, depicting towering lighthouses, enchanting seascapes, and rugged coastlines. A Kinkade piece is the perfect choice for people looking to add impressive artwork to their homes.