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About King Size Beds

It was time for a remodeling of their bedroom and Cecily and Tom decided to upgrade to a king size bed, too. It seemed like their two little girls made their way into their bed nearly every night and Tom figured he might as well get a little extra room for all of them. While the soothing robin's egg blue paint was put up on the walls and the soft taupe plush carpet was laid, Tom and Cecily shopped eBay for a beautiful carved cherry wood king size bed frame which they found, used but in excellent condition. Then they added some lovely new king size bedding to their purchase and when it all arrived, they put the room together. That night, they laid on their new king size bed, with its pillowy down comforter and plump pillows, and waited. It wasn't long before the girls bounded in their room, too, anxious to experience the comfortable, cool, and cozy environment.