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About King Mattress

Sprawl out in the utmost of luxury and comfort with a king mattress, which clocks in at a cozy yet palatial 76x 80 inches. Two is company, but three doesn't have to be a crowd if you are hosting a slumber party on a king size from eBay. With all of the luxurious linen and comforter options available to smaller sized mattresses, there is no reason not to go the extra distance and outfit your boudoir with the ultimate in a king mattress set. More sumptuous and spacious yet, a California king mattress kicks it up to a majestic 72x84 inches of slumber-ready real estate. Pile the pillows high and get ready to hibernate: With a bed this magnificent, there's hardly a reason to leave it. Imagine the comfort of being able to invite your four legged friends to camp out on the covers with you without the fear of overcrowding. Bring the party to the mattress pad and host movie marathons from the comfort of your new or gently used king size. Talk about options you can snuggle up to.