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About King's Crown

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Wow your guests at your next dinner party, not only with your witty conversation, but with your eye-catching King's Crown table set. The unique glassware features a ruby top layer that is characteristic of the Indiana based manufacturer. Below the ruby, a raised, zigzag line separates the color from the thumbprint pattern, which can be seen on plates, bowls, cups, salt shakers, and more. The King's Crown thumbprint design a notable marker for the company's style and its texture and depth make the glass one of a kind. A King's Crown glassware set is ideal for the holidays when accompanied with a poinsettia table decoration, the King's Crown ruby-colored glass can glow a bit brighter. Generally, King's Crown feature a flared rim on most of their glassware, which along with the thumbprint, is an iconic trait of the glass. The glass is well crafted and holds up for years, allowing you to entertain through the ages. Look for specific pieces or full sets in the vast inventory available on eBay. With a King's Crown set table, you can enjoy a festive touch that adds a timeless look to your home.