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Cracked your Kindle screen? Not to worry; with just a few tools and a bit of care, you can replace the screen yourself. First, browse the numerous Kindle replacement screens found on eBay to find the right one for your model. Be very careful when handling your new screen; it is extremely delicate without the protection of the Kindle case. Using a spudger, pry around the edge where the front and back pieces meet until they separate. Unscrew the screws and remove the battery. Disconnect all cables and wires, some of which are held down with a lock bar. Unscrew the ground piece and 3G card, and then remove them. Unscrew and remove the logic board. Remove the midboard—the speakers will stay attached, but the keyboard, volume knobs, and power switch may fall out. Now you’ve uncovered the broken screen. Take it out and gently insert your Kindle replacement screen. Then replace all parts in reverse order, being careful not to lose anything, forget to reconnect wires, or screw too tightly. Good job! Enjoy your new screen.

About Kindle Replacement Screens

Always have a book by your side to read at a moment's notice when you fix your shattered Kindle with a Kindle replacement screen. Whether your screen gets wet and you see water waves throughout your words or your Kindle took a tumble and the screen felt the brunt of the damage, a replacement screen solves all of your problems so you can lose yourself in a book once again. Find a crisp and clear Kindle Fire HD replacement screen that lets you browse the Web, play games, keep in touch with social media, watch HD movies, and of course, read your favorite books. Your HD screen shows words and images with crisp and clear clarity. Get a screen that mimics paper and offers your e-reader an authentic book look with a Kindle 3 replacement screen from the large inventory on eBay. Using LCD technology, this screen offers a backlight and also prevents sun glare when browsing electronic pages beachside or poolside. Keep on reading and keep up with your favorite characters and authors with a Kindle replacement screen.