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About Kindle Reader

Carrying a small library in your backpack, regardless of your boundless love of books, is not an ideal way to travel. Fortunately, with the Kindle reader, you do not have to. This handy tablet allows you to take your entire library wherever you are, inside a device smaller than most books. Available in several different models, the Kindle reader offers varying storage sizes, screen resolutions, and other features. The base model alone provides enough storage for 1,000 books, and has an anti-glare screen and built-in Wi-Fi capability. With the Paperwhite Kindle book reader, you get 3G mobile wireless access, improved resolution, and an extended battery life. The DX or the Fire have even more features as part of their package, including apps and games. Regardless of which option you choose, the power to read on the go is literally in the palm of your hand. Available on eBay from reliable sellers, a new or used Kindle reader can be yours. Grab one to easily take your prized collection of books and magazines on the road.