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About Kindle Lights

Your recent nighttime habit of reading in bed requires that you leave the light on even as your spouse grumbles in protest. With a Kindle light, you do not have to keep your husband awake to keep up with your book club's selections. Because of its anti-glare, E-ink display, reading on the Kindle in the dark can place a heavy strain on your eyes. You can get a clip-on Kindle reading light to illuminate the display. Such lights can be attached to the device itself or to a nearby object. The attachment casts a small pool of light directly on the display. Alternatively, you can get a Kindle cover with light. This protective cover has a small, built-in LED lamp. With this dual-purpose accessory, it is highly unlikely that you will lose your Kindle's reading light. You can find both types of Kindle light devices among the wide selection of tablet and e-reader accessories available on eBay. With a light for your Kindle, you can get your snorer husband to stop calling you "the selfish reader" every morning.