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About Kindle 4

Thanks to the growing use of electronic reading devices, Gutenberg's history changing printing press could eventually become obsolete. Devices like the Kindle 4 are compact and lightweight, and they provide access to numerous books, magazines, and other publications with the simple swipe of a finger. A user can quickly and easily pull out the Amazon Kindle 4 reader at the doctor's office or while waiting for the bus. With a 6-inch display and anti-glare screen, the device allows readers to see the words on the screen, even in bright sunlight. Amazon Kindle 4 accessories, including covers, cases, and screen protectors, allow consumers to protect and personalize their devices. Features of the Kindle 4 include one-month battery life, book borrowing and lending capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi, adjustable text size, and Whispersync technology. Users can find the full line of Amazon e-readers on eBay, where they can purchase from reliable sellers with solid reputations and take advantage of a variety of convenient shipping options.