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About Kimono Jackets

Whether you are artsy or flirty, a kimono jacket is an exciting and exotic way to put the finishing touch on both casual wear and evening gowns. Because this fashion has been around for hundreds of years, they work year after year with a timeless grace that never seems dated. With their floaty fabrics and feminine lines, they work perfectly over bodycon cocktail dresses, adding a bit of modesty without losing that sensuous allure. For a boho look, wear a fringe kimono jacket over rolled-up boyfriend jeans and sandals. To keep the proportions balanced, wear these jackets over slim fitting pieces such as skinny jeans and tank tops. Using solid colors underneath allows your floral kimono jacket to shine, and the monochromatic pieces underneath help you look slimmer. Kimono jackets make a great replacement for your favorite old cardigan, with a lot more style. They also come in solid colors and subtle prints, so feel free wear them over office dresses and skirts. Top off spring shorts when the sunset puts a chill in the air without losing that breezy, casual feel. You can find a large selection of kimonos and other clothing with Oriental flair on eBay in a wide array of colors and prints, from yesterday and today.

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