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About Kimonos

The term "kimonos" literally translates to "things to wear," but one glance at these beautiful Japanese garments shows they deserve a more elegant, fitting title. These robes feature a classic t-shape design. Straight lines give a linear look to the torso, while loose, flowing bell sleeves add a delicate finish. You can find these garments in traditional, conservative lengths, which includes a hemline extending to the floor. Contrast stitching and pleats along the bottom hem and wrist cuffs prevent fabrics from catching and tearing, and add an attractive look too. These garments come with attached collars, which rise mid-way up the neck. You can finish the look with an elegant wrap-around belt to close the open front and back sides. Traditionally, men and women sport kimonos in Japanese culture. These garments come in a variety of colors for different occasions. Japanese wear all-white garments at weddings, black ones to funerals, and robes with elaborate patterns and decorations for social and work functions. Browse the vast inventory on eBay and select from a variety of garments available in modern, western styles like dresses. You can find them in traditional robe versions, and look for items made of silk, the traditional fabric, for the full experience.