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About Kill Switch

Whether you call it a kill switch, a starter interrupter, or an engine disabler ? it is simply a piece of technology that is used to prevent auto theft without needing expensive security alarms and flashing lights. Manufacturers recommend installing a car kill switch by wiring it to the starter. Before you start your vehicle, the auto kill switch requires you to flip a toggle or input a code into a keypad. You can hide the toggle under your seat or in your glove box. You can also have a button hidden under the carpet. Having one of these switches in your vehicle forces the thief to find the switch before they could steal the car. Most car thieves do not want to spend time searching for a button or a toggle. They just want to start the engine and leave. The reliable sellers on eBay offer an impressive inventory of car security features in order to make it easy for you to find the perfect kill switch and have it shipped to your front door.

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