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About Kilim Rug

Beautiful home decor should include the whole room, including the floor, so you need to take care when you choose a rug. A colorful, tapestry-woven kilim rug provides you with room-spanning beauty as well as function. First woven in Persia thousands of years ago, kilim rugs have remained popular throughout the centuries. The rugs are woven as a tapestry, without the thick pile of other types of carpet, so they do not last as long as some other rugs do. When you find a vintage kilim rug, it truly is a treasure. You might prefer to hang a small antique kilim carpet on the wall as a piece of artwork so that it does not have to endure the stress of foot traffic but still provides beauty to the room. A kilim rug runner brightens up your hallway with its vibrant colors and geometric patterns. You can also find newly designed kilim-style carpets made with sturdier materials and weaving techniques so they can hold up for years to come. Because antique and vintage kilim rugs often used specific dyes and delicate wool fibers, they may require specialized cleaning, but newer kilim style rugs can be vacuumed and cleaned like any other rug. Choose a kilim rug to spice up your home's decor by selecting from the vast inventory available on eBay.