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About Kigurumi

Kigurumi is a Japanese style of costumed play that involves full suits depicting favorite and popular cartoon characters. Many of the favorite styles involve costumes, like a Pikachu kigurumi or a kigurumi panda. These adorable one-piece suits resemble a child's footed pajama but come in adult sizes. It doesn't matter if you want one for a themed party or you just want a comfy set of fun, themed pajamas, the sellers and large selection available at eBay are bound to have a kigurumi that suits your needs. For the customers that do not want to wear a full, one-piece kigurumi set, there is also a humongous selection of character-driven hoodies, from Pokémon to Hello Kitty. How cute would you be decked out in a My Neighbor Totoro cat suit? Not to mention, the sheer comfort of lounging about in the cozy fleece fabric that will keep you warm and comfortable on a chilly night.