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About Kieninger

Ooh, you marvel as you browse through the local estate sale. A love for antiquing has brought you here, where you have made an amazing discovery: a Kieninger clock. First established in Germany circa 1912, the Kieninger clock is the oldest existing in its category. Excited, you snatch it up, determined to pay any price just to call it your own. Once you get home, you discover that, while it is in great condition, it does not work. After a little bit of research and examination, you think you find the problem. Quickly hopping over to eBay, you do a search for Kieninger movement pieces to replace the existing ones, hoping that will solve the problem and get this timeless piece up and running again. With many reliable sellers and quick, convenient shipping options, the part arrives in no time at all. The good news is your hunch was right, and you are now the proud owner of a properly working Kieninger wall clock.