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About Kids Cowboy Boots

When your son or daughter announces the burning desire to be a cowboy, you can get him or her off and running with a pair of kids' cowboy boots. These boots feature the classic Western-style design of a mid-calf rise, with high sides and lower front and back pieces, gently curving at the shin and below the knee. You can find boots in authentic leather — special stains and polishes give leather a soft, healthy glow, and protect against damage from rain, dust, and the elements. Other boots come in materials like rubber and suede. Rubber boots make nice choices for frequent practical uses, such as horseback riding and mucking around the farm. Suede boots feature thinner linings, which creates soft and comfortable footwear, but does not repel water and sand as well as leather. Most boots come with short straps on the side, which add aesthetic detail and facilitate putting boots on and removing them. Look for these boots on eBay, where a large inventory gives you many items to choose from for your little buckaroo.