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About Kids' Beds

It is 2 a.m., and you have finally drifted into the deep, restorative sleep your body so desperately needs when a small voice whispers, "Mommy, I am afraid to sleep in my big kids' bed tonight." You move over to make room, planning to worry about it tomorrow as you try to fall back into that deep sleep. The transition from crib to bed is hard on parents and children. As with any new phase, an adjustment period always takes place. Thankfully, taking time to find the perfect kids' bed for your growing boy or girl makes it a little less painful for you both. As the many reliable sellers on eBay prove, a lot of great options exist, including kids' car beds with fun kids' bedding sets featuring favorite characters like Mickey and Minnie or Thomas the Train. Like all phases, this phase is a short one for young children, especially when the experience goes hand and hand with new bedroom decor and accessories.