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About Liddle Kiddles

Moving things out of your mother?s house took you back to days gone by, especially when you came across your favorite childhood Kiddle doll. When you returned home later that day, you decided to check out eBay to see whether they happened to have any Kiddle dolls for sale, and you were amazed at the vast selection of dolls and accessories that reliable sellers on the site offered. You were especially excited when you found one seller who was offering a great deal on an entire Kiddle lot. This Mattel Liddle Kiddle Skediddle lot of six dolls included Annabelle Autodiddle and Shirley Skediddle with Pusher, which were quite popular in their day. You also were grateful when you found a Kiddle case that was in mint condition and came with accessories that included little dresses, panties, shoes, with the best piece in your opinion being the original Tracy Lickety Trike Bike from the same seller. On the day that your packages arrived, you had spent the better part of an hour admiring the dolls and, after making sure that no one was watching, actually playing with them like you were a kid again.