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About Keyboards

Whether typing emails for work, writing that thesis for grad school, or trying to do a speed run in World of Warcraft, one thing is certain: you are probably making great use of your keyboard. For something people use so often, consumers spend very little time or money when purchasing this essential device. If you are someone who types the whole day through, you may want to consider investing in a keyboard with a very ergonomic design or one with pads for your wrists. If you are more prone to gaming, you may want a gaming keyboard complete with special hot keys and map-able buttons. In general, there are three types of switches that control the key presses of a keyboard. They include silicone dome, scissor switches, and mechanical switches, with the most sought-after being mechanical switches. You can find a PS2, wireless, or a USB keyboard on eBay available from one of many reliable sellers. Do not skimp on something you use so often; browse around and find the keyboard that truly gels with your fingertips.