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About Key Necklaces

The key necklace raises many questions. Most of them are "what lock does it go to?" and "what does it symbolize?" A great answer to these questions makes this necklace a great conversation starter. It is also a great way to tell someone how you feel about him or her. Your friends and family might groan to hear that you gave her the key to your heart, but in the right setting, she is going to find it terribly romantic. You can change up the look by picking out a funky vintage key necklace. These keys tend to be heavy and serious looking, but they retain their initial romantic mystery. If it is just too much effort to write out a little speech about it being the key to your heart, never fear, you can just buy a heart key necklace from the dedicated sellers on eBay. That way the meaning of the key necklace never slips her mind.