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About Key Fobs

You know you just had your keys around here somewhere. If only there were something distinctive on the ring, like an awesome key fob, instead of just a plain ring and two or three lonely keys. Historically speaking, key chains have been around for as long as keys have been in use. Decorative fobs are a more modern addition. A leather key fob is a classy way to add a decoration to your key ring without adding a lot of weight. Whether you prefer a flat, engraved piece of leather or a braided cord, you can find what you want from the various sellers on eBay. A wristlet key fob is just the thing to replace that bulky wallet and keep your keys at the ready, too. If you find one that has a detachable key ring, you may even be able to get away with dumping that heavy purse, too. No matter which type you prefer, your key fob can be as personal as you want it to be.