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About Kevin Murphy

So many haircare products use questionable ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals these days, but famed stylist Kevin Murphy decided that beauty should not mean compromising your health. So, he created his own line of haircare products that use items like essential oils, plant extracts, and other organic ingredients. The products are also environmentally friendly, as they come in bottles made from recycled materials and hold more product while using less plastic and taking up less space. One of Kevin's bestselling products is the Hydrate-Me Wash shampoo. Packed with antioxidants, it works best on hair that is damaged from too much processing, hair that is naturally dry, or hair that is the product of a dry climate. You can also get an accompanying conditioner. The Young Again leave-in oil treatment is also a bestseller that you can use daily to combat aging or damaged hair. You can find a vast inventory on eBay of all of the products. If you want to know how they work, just take a look at some of Kevin Murphy's A-list clients, like Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Heidi Klum, Rose Byrne, and Miranda Kerr.