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About Kevin Durant Rookies

Even though he was not the first one drafted in his draft class, the Kevin Durant rookie year set the young player on a path to stardom. Since being drafted, the player, nicknamed the Durantula, has built up an impressive resume. Scoring champion for three consecutive seasons from 2010 to 2012, Olympic gold medalist, habitual All-Star and, of course, leading his team through deep playoff runs all headline an impressive track record. With such success, memorabilia for Kevin Durant has become increasingly collectible. All good collectors know that the rookie items are the most valued. While known as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Kevin Durant rookie jersey was actually that of the Seattle Supersonics, before the franchise relocated to Oklahoma. eBay offers a variety of items from this early Seattle period of the career of Durant. In addition, reputable sellers tout highly collected items, like a Kevin Durant rookie autograph on pieces of memorabilia. Owning a piece of this period will be a small piece of history as some may look back on Durant as one of the best players in his generation.

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