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About Keurig Parts

The morning just does not start right without a steaming hot cup of coffee, so when your Keurig is on the fritz, it can ruin your entire day. Instead of forking out the money for a whole new machine, try replacing some of the Keurig parts on your own first. You can find a vast inventory on eBay. Knowing which model machine you have makes finding parts much easier. If your coffeemaker has a one-touch control panel, an LCD display, and five brew-size options, you have the Platinum model and need Keurig B70 parts. If your machine is smaller, with a 48-ounce water reservoir and two brew-size options, you have the Elite model and need Keurig B40 parts. The most common replacement Keurig parts are the K-cup holders. You may need one of these if the needle on yours no longer punctures the cup. If your drip tray breaks or you lose it somehow, you can easily replace it too. For more complicated repairs, you can buy valves, power transformers, and water reservoirs. Once you have the parts in hand and installed, you can get back to enjoying your favorite K-cups every day.

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