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About Kestner

Place her high on a library pedestal or create a special place in your curio cabinet for her. If you are a collector of vintage dolls, your collection is not complete without a Kestner. Germany's Kestner Doll Company began producing dolls from as early as 1810 and ceased production in 1938. Although its first dolls were constructed of wood or papier-m'ch', Kester is best known for its exquisite porcelain bisque beauties. Shop for genuine vintage J.D. Kestner dolls on eBay to complete or enhance your doll collection. How about a baby doll with a flawlessly painted porcelain face, complete with dress, diapers, and booties? Or perhaps an elegant, rosy cheeked lady dressed to the nines in her elegant olive green ensemble, finished with a heart-shaped, gold locket? Find antique Kestner German dolls with composition bodies, and with the lesser-known leather and bisque bodies. Choose a lovely "H" doll, her blond locks topped with a blue bow, a late 19th century all-bisque beauty dubbed "Kestner Wrestler," or a miniature porcelain Kestner, specifically made for dollhouse play. With so many little ladies to choose from, you had better start clicking now to adopt the next stunning acquisition for your doll collection.