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About Kerosene Lanterns

When you need a light in shining armor, count on a kerosene lantern to light the way. These lamps derive their shine from kerosene, a type of crude oil, and their light sources form as wicks or mantles, much like candles. Surrounding glass chimneys or domes seal out wind and elements, keeping bulbs in wicks and mantles burning bright. Despite serving practical purposes around the world, the concept of fueling lamps through mineral oils dates back many years. The first oil-fueled lamp appeared in the ninth century; historians trace its invention to Baghdad, Iran. Modern versions of the kerosene lantern appeared first in England, during the whaling days of the mid-1800s. Sailors needed sturdy portable lights, capable of emitting bright light while withstanding abuse on the high seas. Today, you can find these lamps in three basic designs: flat wick, round wick, and mantle lamp. While antique kerosene lanterns require kerosene, newer versions, produced by Coleman, Tilley, Petromax and other brands, operate using electricity or batteries. The lanterns vary in style, ranging from elaborate hand painted works of art to lamps cast in iron, brass, and other metals, all of which feature elegant hourglass-shaped domes. Whether your needs are functional or aesthetic, browse the vast inventory of kerosene lanterns from reliable sellers on eBay to find your perfect match.