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About Kentucky Derby Hat

While Southern women usually exhibit gentility when it comes to wardrobe choices, this tradition flies straight out the window when the Kentucky Derby rolls around. When selecting Kentucky Derby hats for the infamous horse race, bigger and bolder means better. Taking care not to completely impede the view of the person behind them, women choose wide-brimmed hats, bucket hats, and fascinator-style hats adorned with an array of flowers, bows, and feathers. Hats come in a variety of patterns like polka dots, checks, and flowers and in a full spectrum of colors. While some females lean toward bright hues like pink, purple, green, orange, and blue, others prefer a classic black or white Kentucky Derby Hat. Women are not the only spectators to enjoy fancy head wear as evidenced by the variety of festive men's Kentucky Derby hats on display each year. Men might don a bright and colorful bowler hat or a classic fedora in a neutral tone. Male and female horse race attendees often find great deals for eye-catching Kentucky Derby hats from reliable sellers on eBay. Gentility be darned, race day is all about fun.