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About Kennametal

You have been promising to fix the fence in the yard for months, but successfully managed to evade the task. Unfortunately, your wife just bought you some new Kennametal tools for your birthday, and now you are fresh out of excuses. Kennametal is a well known American tool and industrial materials company that has been in operation for almost a century. Kennametal manufactures a wide range of high quality tools including metalworking tools, cutting tools, and plenty of different parts and accessories. If you need to add some rods to an old metal fence to add a little stability, a Kennametal drill can make short work of even the toughest materials. If you have a particularly large job to finish and need to find some Kennametal inserts or carbide drill replacements, you can find those too. Whether you are looking for new or used tools, parts, accessories, or tool holders and boxes, you can find a great range of industrial and DIY gear on eBay. With a huge inventory and plenty of reliable sellers, you can find a larger range than any regular store can offer, without ever leaving the house.

Shop the extensive inventory of manufacturing and metalworking items and other industrial metalworking tooling!