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About Kenmore - Home & Gardens

Kenmore is the right way to say "electric." With cutting-edge function and design, Kenmore has been a staple in the home appliance industry since 1927. With vacuums, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves all available for purchase from eBay, you are sure to find the device needed to make home life easier. For example, a Kenmore refrigerator is manufactured with French doors for easy access and more storage with a pullout freezer underneath. With airtight humidity doors and multi-flow air technology, your foods are sure to stay crisp, cool, and fresh for longer periods of time. Also, Kenmore vacuums are sure to leave you floored with an option of having an upright, canister, or even handheld that you can use on carpet or hard surfaces. Height adjustments and LED lighting for easy maneuvering in the dark are just a couple of the features that are implemented within this item. You can dust your cleaning and storing worries away with the manufactured supplies that Kenmore offers.