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About Ken Taylor

When it comes to the world of poster art, aesthetic sensibility, flashiness, and comedy are all equally appreciated. Rare, however, is the combination of all three employed by Ken Taylor. The graphic artist designs posters for a number of movies and other artistic projects, including bands and solo projects. He has crafted incredible works for names like Dave Matthews and First Aid Kit, as well as riveting movie posters for films ranging from lovable classics like "Where the Wild Things Are" to thrillers such as "Alien." Thus, his work has impressive range, and should appeal to a wide audience. You can browse the full range of Ken Taylor prints on eBay, where a large inventory of the full span of his work is on sale. Ken Taylor prints can also be had, with many featuring complex designs with frequent use of natural imagery to complement bright colors and smart geometrical alignment. Many of his works also make use of the juxtaposition of light and dark elements. Ken Taylor continues to add to his catalog, with challenging works that expand the borders of poster art.