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About Keith Hernandez

He won 11 consecutive Golden Glove awards, a World Series, and two Emmys—but it's his moustache that makes Keith Hernandez stand out to many a baseball fan. His famed moustache, which he once shaved off for charity, is the same reason this legendary baseman never wore eyeblack. He started his career with the St. Louis Cardinals, playing with them from 1974 until 1983 before joining the New York Mets. He played with the team until 1989 and spent the following season with the Cleveland Indians before retiring. Since then, Keith Hernandez has had bit parts in a few television shows and movies, authored four books, and devoted most of his time to covering Mets games on television. You'll find plenty of memorabilia celebrating his career from sellers on eBay. In addition to a Keith Hernandez autograph, look for jerseys, photos, and other ways to show your love for one of baseball's greatest basemen. Of course, if you're really a fan, you might consider trying to grow your own epic mustache.

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