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About Keith Haring

America has a proud tradition of free speech, extending far beyond the spoken word. Keith Haring, a social activist who responded to injustice through artistic expression, is a great example of free speech and its implications. In his work, Haring explores themes of community, birth, death, and sexuality. Haring first achieved international recognition when he painted wall murals in Australia. From that point on, his work touches issues like war, AIDS, and Apartheid. Haring's work is not just relegated to walls, either. You can find plenty of other pieces, such as Keith Haring posters in the large inventory available on eBay. There you can see an example of the range of his work, which covered posters, ceramics, pop art, and more. Signed Keith Haring merchandise is also available. His work is exceedingly recognizable; he designed the "Best Buddies" logo and many other popular pieces as well. Through his simple and accessible drawings, Haring was able to express complex concepts and reach millions of people. Keith Haring, through his work, continues to change the world every day.